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Carl F.
Whakamaru, NZ

Haven’t always used McKee feeders for my calf pens, but I stoked with the change. Being able to see where the milk level is from a distance saves me so much time and effort. Had them send me a brochure and I was happily surprised.

Grant B.
Okuku, NZ

I had only just recently heard of McKee Plastics. I was in PGG Wrightson on the off chance in town (Ranfurly) and they had one for another customer, I’ve been saying for years these things should have lids to stop s**t from getting in them going from paddock to paddock. Bloody marvelous.

Kev H.
Santoft, NZ

Been using their products for years, I have always pushed for well-built kiwi products and their culvert pipes have done wonders for us in Forestry. Strong & Light, we just rip them out with chains and take them to the next site, we couldn’t do that with some of the other culverts on the market.

Henry M.
Bulls, NZ

My Father was an engineer who knew Doug back in the day when it was still McKee Engineering. I was looking at a Milk Bar to be honest, but my old man said the McKee would be built like a brick shit house. I’ve had my 60 Teat feeder for 4 years now, wife cleans it on the weekends, and it still looks in pretty good nick.

Carly & Ben J.
Tasmania, Australia

We originally lived in Taranaki and have been given the opportunity to move to Tasmania in Australia to try our luck farming over here. My husband and I swear by the Touch Teat, it’s the only one you can buy that doesn’t leak and lasts for 2-3 seasons before we need to replace them, so we order a few hundred from NZ every couple of seasons.

Chris C.
Sanson, NZ

We have been stocking their products for years now, as a retailer we see how popular they are, so we keep going back, and it’s also great to see a family business thriving in this economy especially one that spans over three generations.

John & Wendy A.
Kaitaia, NZ

My wife and I had been using an old drill and drum to mix milk powder and it does the trick but after 15 years in dairy my back does not agree. Last year we purchased a mixer through PGG Wrightsons, best thing we’ve ever done. Mixes like a dream and can tow behind the 4-wheeler from shed to shed filling pens.