Milk Mixer

With the years of input from our customers and the Kiwi ingenuity of our in-house designers McKee Plastics has developed one of the leading Milk Mixers on the market to date. Fully electric and as easy as the flick of a switch, the 550L Transport/Mixer has the capacity to blend milk powder in minutes making your job more efficient meaning you can spend time where you need to be.

Strength Tested: All our products are made in house using locally sourced materials.

Kiwi Built: Everything can be replaced from tanks to the black & red hinge lids, McKee Products are 100% New Zealand Made for New Zealanders.

Tried. Tested. PROVEN.

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  • 550L or 750L Tank Option
  • In tank wash system
  • Galvanized trailer unit
  • Low-Mount tank for increased stability
  • Super Heavy Duty 12V Battery
  • Submersible 192W Bilge Pump
  • 9m hose kit
  • 32mm stainless steel dispensing nozzle
  • 3L per second / 180L per minute
  • No extra noise, super quiet around stock
  • Additional power cable to run from ATV/Ute/Side by side
  • 2 x 455mm hinge lid for easy access
  • 40mm Drain valve
  • All stainless steel fittings

Model Price
Milk Mixer 550L
Milk Mixer 750L
Prices include GST, but may incur FREIGHT.