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50 Litre Street & Litter Bins

McKee 50 litre bins are rotationally moulded from high impact ultra violet light resistant polyethylene and need no introductions. Already used extensively in schools and councils, this durable, almost indestructible bin comes complete with ts own easy clean moulded liner, non-removable hinged lid, orifices sized so as not to accept large parcels, a choice of pole or wall mounting galvanised brackets, and a wide range of options to suit almost every application including stainless steel flaps which reduces the risk of fire destroying the bin.

Colours Available:

  • Blue
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Dark Green
  • Light Green

100 Litre Litter Bin

Our 100 litre free standing bins are rotationally moulded from high impact ultra violet light resistant polyethylene. This large capacity bin comes complete with its own easy clean moulded liner. The bin can be located firmly by using a zinc plated anchor plate which can be purchased as an extra along with in-lid ashtray and stainless steel flaps. McKee 100 litre free standing bins are ideal for collecting litter, recyclable material and for storage.

Colours Available: Red, Blue, Light Green, Dark Green.

Mini Bins

Our 130 and 230 litre Mini Bins are rotationally moulded from high impact, food safe polyethylene. This versatile bin has many uses other than collecting litter and is already well established in the food processing and storage industries. Mckee Mini Bins are available in two sizes 130 and 230 litre, and both come standard with large 200mm maintenance free wheels. If security is required a galvanised, lockable stand can be supplied.

Special techniques employed when manufacturing McKee Mini Bins produces a strong, smooth sided easy clean product.

Colours Available: Blue, Red, Orange, Black, Light Green, Dark Green.

Bench Seats

McKee Bench Seats are rotationally moulded from high impact, ultra violet light resistant polyethylene. Special grooves moulded into the seat panel drain water and add strength, making this unit capable of seating four average sized adults comfortably.

McKee Bench Seats are available as a two piece park bench with a heavy duty long life galvanised frame, Stackable units for school and panels only for grandstand seating, all virtually indestructible, resistant to the effects of weather and the high impact hard knocks associated with day to day use.

Colours Available: Blue, Yellow, Red, Light Green, Dark Green, Orange.