Open Trailed Calf Feeder

McKee Plastics is the only manufacturer of the Open yet Closed Calf Feeder. With hours of farmers input and hours of design/engineers input we have come up with the only Open feeder that can close. Our feeder has an inside wash system for easy cleaning, large openings for easy cleaning, No step up process to pour milk into (low tank height) Award winning Touch Teats that will last for seasons, just to name a few features/benefits.

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  • 2 x 455mm Hinge lids
  • Ground level indicator pin
  • Galvanised trailer unit (Hot dipped)
  • 2 Valve split compartment filling
  • Tank Sprinkler System
  • McKee designed TOUCH Teat supplied High Flow/No Leak/Long Life
  • Large stainless-steel milk filter
  • Individual milk compartment system
  • Contamination preventing sealable compartments
  • Multiple drain bungs easy rinse
  • Wide set wheelbase
  • Rear drawbar add-on (Optional)
  • Tow coupling spacer (Optional)

Model Price
100 Teat Open/Closed Gravity Calf Feeder
80 Teat x 1100 litre
60 Teat x 750 litre
50 Teat x 550 litre
50 Teat x 750 litre
40 Teat Open/Closed Gravity Calf Feeder 40 Teat x 550 litre
40 Teat x 750 litre
30 Teat x 550 litre
30 Teat x 750 litre
Tandem Axle Conversion Kit
Prices include GST, but may incur FREIGHT.


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